Day 68 & 69. 296 days to go!

My financial fast is bringing up all sorts of emotions. I am only 10 days into my fast and it feels like 100. My goal is to pay a huge chunk of car debt. This is not fun😫.

Today was easier than yesterday. I look to my goal of paying extra on my car in August. In September, my energy and extra funds will go towards my savings. Just keep going! In September, I hope to be controlled in my spending. Not fasting, just controlled. It is 10:30 pm. Tomorrow is day 11 of my fast-over 1/3 of the way through my 30 day commitment.

By the way, I am savoring my meals now . My mouth waters when I think about or plan mealtime. For once, I’m not stressed waiting for payday. I’ll pay off my car and then, all my savings will go to my savings account.


Day 64. The financial fast continues.

I had one slip up this week when I bought a small salad for lunch. Otherwise, I'm making it! I made a decision to put $500 dollars toward our smallest car payment. I've accepted that one car must be paid off before I can semi-retire. Being a responsible person sucks!

I made a great crock pot roast today. David asked I bring home a pizza yesterday. I was treated to a free lunch earlier in the week at work. Otherwise, lean cuisine for lunch. David cooked dinner twice with supplies we had in our kitchen. I'm eating well during week 1 on my financial fast.

No clothes except from gift certificates. No extras. No lunches out. No random purchases. Three more weeks left I used this technique in the past to save spending money for my vacations. It works if you work it!