October 1 – Goals/Progress Review


1. Retire from full-time job by June 3.

Progress: working it! See goal 5 and 6.

2. Garden. Green hot peppers, romas, basil, oregano, eggplant.

Progress: Garden did well. I canned hot peppers and froze tomatoes. New layout next year. But I will wait on starting the ginseng until my knee is feeling better. Add dill, squash and watermelon for next year.

3. On-line toy store. Delete.

4. Ebook with my sister. We are working towards publishing our ebook in 2018.

5. My business: Now $300 monthly income. Keep working. Goal is $1000 monthly by April, 2018.

6. JRPTA: Now 12 clients 2 x monthly. Approx. $1000 monthly. Goal $1600

7. April, 2018. Start withdrawing $1,000 monthly from savings.

$3600 monthly income before taxes.


Completed 60 days of Financial Diet!

I started on a financial fast 60 days ago and then started a financial diet 30 days ago.

Money spent on food and gas – and a preplanned fall clothes purchases. Let’s see how I did.

September: Budgeted and spent

$120 cash on clothes shopping

$155 on hair/ beauty supplies.

$12 on gifts.

$350 on food

$145 on gas

$150 on physical therapy Surprise!

$932 total

I am under my $1000 variable costs per month.

+300 in savings

I have $0 in my wallet, and $62.00 left for the month in my checking. I am putting $50 Towards principle on car #1.

Day 100

Day 100. Phew. 265 days to financial freedom. 19 days left on my spending diet.

I have two clients today in Richmond. (+$100)

Spent the weekend with my mom and celebrated her birthday. A well needed rest. I’m having a craving to go to the Olive Garden for dinner tonight. 😧. The restaurant is next door to my Richmond Office. Can I eat there for under $10.00?

The old me would go crazy at the Olive Garden. The new me is going to see if it’s possible to eat under 10.00.

Taking it all in.

I am visiting my mom on her birthday. We go to the mall and then to our favorite Italian restaurant. I explain my spending fast, my goals of financial freedom and my desire to find work shirts in the clearance section at Macy’s.

My business-minded mom thinks they are good ideas- make money while I can, save for the future and she will help me find work shirts.

We go to the mall. 5 hours later (yes it took five hours), I leave Macy’s with my 3 shirts, army green capris, and sleep shorts and shirt – all for $70.00. I purchased conservative work wear in addition to the above items. I consider buying work clothes a necessary evil – not fun.

My mom supports me in growing my business and working in Richmond while I work my full-time job. Make money, she says. As my mom is a financially successful self-made retired business woman, I listen.

I explain my husband is not supportive of the changes I am making. My mothers says that I must rise to the occasion and survive my situation; that I am responsible for my financial state. Mom dismisses any criticism for my actions. Everything I do now will create my future.

Day 93. 272 Days Left.

Received paycheck four days ago. I hopped online to order shirts for work. Almost completed the transaction but I misplaced my wallet. Saved by divine intervention.

I think of every excuse why I need those 3 clean, professional shirts for the super deal of $45. Shit! Back to my addictive behavior.

“STOP” I yell at myself. I think, “Distract self. Watch tv. Write blog. Anything.”

The craving subsided and now I’m tired and cranky. It is September 4. 26 days left of my financial diet. I want to be left alone. 😟

Day 91- September 2, 2017

After successfully completing my 30 day fast, I decide to continue my fast for another month. I know this is the fastest way to reach my goals.

As there is no way I can pack my lunch and dinner for my crazy schedule, I allow myself to buy prepared food. I give myself a budget of $10.00 per day when I am not home If I am buying for my family also, I purchase whatever they want. They are not an a fast.

Quarterly Review:

1. I continue to work my regular job and now also work part-time at a private practice in Richmond. Goal: Continue to work 1 day weekly in Richmond.

2. My husband freaked out (again) when he heard my plan to rent an office between my house and Richmond. Ok. Table this for now.

3. We launched our toy website. Not productive. We didn’t get any internet traffic. Solution: Discontinue website. Continue to use ebay and Amazon to sell toys.

4. Garden. Eggplant, herbs, and peppers did well. Regular tomatoes did pathetic. Romas did pretty good. Goal: add shiitakes, ginger, and other “easy vegetables i.e. Squash”. Romas only next year.

5. Ebook. Yes. My sister and I hope to publish in 2018. It is fun!

Things to Consider:

Goals before Private Practice Launch

Car no. 1 – pay off

Susan’s Savings – $15,000