Wow. Spending fast successful. 

The end of the month. Checking account over $500. Savings account over $500. Wow.

I am aware of my spending and not wasting money. My full-time job dislikes me but needs me.  I can make it 8 more months.


Getting ready for the spring

It is mid October, 145 days into my transformation. 220 days left. By next  Spring, I will have my foundation in place.  Decided  (with my present knowledge) to transition into private practice on March 1, 2017.  Then, I change my mind.  Shit.

I can’t plan my garden if I don’t know what vegetables I want to plant.

My insurance payments begin to trickle in.  Earning $500 a month in Richmond is realistic working two days a month.

My home business is now earning  $1000 a month. I see 4-5 clients a week.

$1500 is not going to cut it. I need at least $2600 a month for the first year. I have $12000 in a CD to use in my first year. I can use 1k in savings and 2k of earnings. I am assuming $2,600 in income and after taxes, $2000.