Time for Harvesting

Launch of Private Practice planned for March 1.

Over the last week, I decided to semi-retire on February 28. I shared my decision my husband, my work friends , my mother and my supervisor.

My husband initially freaked out but calmed down when I told him my plan. I held my ground. My work friends congratulated me. When I called my mother, I asked her to listen and not criticize. After telling her my plan, she responded by telling me my plan was “logical”. My supervisor verbalized his appreciation that I let him know three months in advance.

As I will be semi-retiring 3 months early, I have a few financial challenges. Plan for Challenges:

1. Car 1 needs to be paid off. As of today’s date I have $3000 left. Plan to pay down to $1000 by March 1. Then pay $100 monthly till paid.

2. Practice self-control at stores. Use Self-talk!

3. Face knee issues. Knees are feeling good. 3 months since my last cortisone shot. I will see my orthopedic doc on November 28.

Semi-Retirement Income;

Planned income: 8 Farmville clients (16 visits per month) & 20 Richmond clients (40 visits per month).

16 x 80 = 1280

40 x 50 = 2000

Total 3280 x .61 = 2000 per month

Savings = 1000 (12,000 per year). Goal Total = 3000


Feeling Thankful at Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It’s been awhile since I checked in with my blog. Busting ass on three jobs gives me little time for blogging. I’m am fortunately very busy in my day job and in my private practice.

Today I want to share my gratitude to God and his universe in the growth of my private practice. I have found my niche in my Richmond side job and the type of clients who benefit from my services. I told the owner of the Richmond location I would like to work two days in Richmond when I leave my day job. He asked when I can start.

Your pink slip is showing

We are having an agency wide meeting on December 11.  The Executive Director is closing down all locations of our agency at 11 am on that day. We will be meeting at the Fireman’s Sports Arena to discuss “Business”.  My husband, David, jokes about me getting fired at the Fireman’s Sports Arena.

Ah!  What will be, will be. I have been planning to leave but . . . . it is anxiety provoking hearing about this meeting.

I need to face reality concerning my bills. My business minded mother tells me to add the costs for health insurance (estimated at $250) to my $1100 mortgage and that is what I need to have tucked away in a savings account.

Savings Account Goal: $16,000-$18,000.