Future of Community Mental Health in Virginia

My dream of opening a private practice zooms in and out of focus, as it has done over the last 20 years. When my day job as a community counselor is going well, opening my practice and jumping through the required hoops seems absurd. I am helping people and getting reimbursed through pay, retirement, and health insurance.

I attended a business meeting / Christmas Lunch at my day job, The CEO spoke on the economic changes in mental health. The insurance companies are hiring case managers to provide their clients support and direction. (These case management services are paid by Medicaid and keeps our Community Service Board in the black. Without this Medicaid reimbursement, the company will collapse.)

The CEO was positive about our company surviving. However, the one layoff we experienced took a toll on the employees. I don’t want to experience another one.

From everything I’ve read, one layoff leads to another layoff. And eventually to the death of the company. I will press forward. I will continue to work towards my goal of private practice.


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