Growing my private therapy practice continued . . .

Now to focus on growing my home based private practice.

My favored method of advertising is word of mouth. It is free and I love to talk. I can start this now.

My second thought is to host a workshop in my town. I am thinking of several topics including raising self-esteem, improving communication, becoming more balanced, and coping with stress.

My third thought concerns advertising. I can go on the radio and publicize my business for free. I can pay to put advertisement in the paper. I need to wait on advertising due to the conflict of interest with my current job.

My last thought is a question. Do I want to have an office in a nearby small town? My answer is yes. I want to have an office away from my home. I can run anger management groups. I can see court-ordered individuals at my “office”. Yes!!

This will also allow me to hold workshops in my office. Needs include enough parking, easy to find and reasonable.

I reread my blog. I sound all enthused. I am not. I’m 91% angry, 7% disappointed and 2 % enthused that my Richmond gig is not happening.

I’m pissed off that I am going to be working on the Crazy Train for at least 6 more months. I’m disappointed as I have to regroup and try a different path. I am teensy bit enthused of moving more quickly into my own business than planned.

One positive thing – My Finances are in excellent condition due to my obsessive-compulsive planning. Only six more months on the Crazy Train.😮


7 thoughts on “Growing my private therapy practice continued . . .

    • My ideal clients are females who are struggling with depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues and . . . Want change. Due to working in community health, almost half my clients are under 18. I do much better with female adolescents than males and I enjoy their “drama”. I like working with all children, ages 8 through 12.
      I notice your a family therapist. That is challenging. I do family therapy when needed. I help the girls communicate with their parents. Fortunately, my boss is male and likes working with teenage boys. I run several women’s groups and like that niche. How long have you been in private practice?

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      • All told I’ve been in private practice for 8 years but just recently got back to private practice in september after 4 years at a community mental health agency.

        So, the key with the niche is finding the points of connection to your ideal client and targeting the marketing there. Ie. If you enjoy working with Christian teenage females, the main point of connection might be the youth pastors in your area

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      • Thank you. I try to post regularly on Thursdays to keep routine and schedule to it. EAP work can be good. Have you already gone through the whole CAQH/ insurance credentialing piece of the puzzle?


  1. The insurance credirionaling has varied from super easy (anthem) to a year long nightmare (optum/United behavioral health). A friend who is in private practice asked me to start the credentialing process in Nov 2016 so I could run her groups occasionally. She did not get that contract.
    I’ve been thinking about my niche. Anxiety including PTSD, depression, Women’s issues including dual diagnosis, and working with children on the above and ADHD. I want to upgrade my website and have links to ebooks and workbooks. Did you figure out your website or have professional help?


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