More Challenges in Growing a Private Practice.

Truth is stranger than fiction! I went to my office and Richmond and noticed a “For Rent” sign at the entrance to the large office building where I work. I didn’t think anything of it.

I later shared with another therapist that I plan to tell my clients at my full-time job that I am leaving.

She told me the owner of the company is very ill at this time, and was hospitalized last week. He is out of the hospital now but his condition is unstable. He is in his late 60’s. His wife will have to take over running the business or sell it.

I am sorry that the owner is ill. He is a very nice and ethical man. I was looking forward to working with him. Plan A is kaput. Dead. Done. I am guessing the family asked the owner if they could get out of the lease. The owner is trying to rent the space to allow the family some financial relief. I pray for the owner and his family find peace.

I will not resign from my full-time job this spring. I need to regroup. Time to promote my own business. Five months to make my dream come true.


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