Plan B – Building my Private Therapy Practice in 2018

Regroup. Reset. Reboot.

New date of launch 🚀: July, 2018.

1. Complete E-book “Goddess Guide to Habits and Addictions” with my sister by June, 2018.

2. Complete self-esteem workbook by July, 2018.

3. Have my website looking good with links to ebook, workbook, and relaxation video by July, 2018.

4. Save my money for the first year of private practice.

5. Increase my visibility in the community by hosting workshops, doing interviews at local radio stations, and volunteering to talk with churches and local colleges about topics in ebooks.

I will withdraw slowly from my Richmond work site. Use that time to work on the above.


Finding the Right Location in Growing you Therapy Private Practice

Two days ago I was blown away by finding our private practice location was soon to be closed by unforeseen events. It took 24 hours for this info to sink in (Denial). The next emotion was Depression. This lasted a few hours. And then my depression rolled into Anger. All within 48 hours.

I am still in Anger. It is New Year’s Eve. My husband invited his bowling team over to come over before the New Year. I share my frustration.

One of his team mates tells me they are moving and they have space for rent. It is next to her husband’s business. They want someone they can trust to not trash the place. It is in an area that I previously looked for a rental. The perfect location – between two areas that I have been looking that are void of counselors.

I previously had canvassed this area with no luck finding the right location. We shall see. 😆