That Damn Decision-making in Growing my Private Practice

I am transitioning from a full-time counseling job to part-time Private Practice self-employment. In order to do so, I obtained a transition job I can work part-time to keep money coming in as I expand my private practice.

One month ago, I found out my part-time transition gig was having some challenges, as the owner of the business may be selling his business due to health problems. I decided to wait on taking new clients until his health situation is diagnosed.

The office manager texted me to ask me if I was taking on new clients now. I texted her back, asking if the owner is still involved. I told her I wanted to work with the owner. Her answer – He is working full-time now. Shit! He has been having memory issues and got lost going to the office last month.

I like the owner and want to work for him. Not for anyone else.


1. I will stay at my full-time job through July, 2018. I will work every other Friday in Richmond and reevaluate my options in July, 2018.

2. In July, I will have more information.

3. Keep up my home business, seeing clients in evenings at my home office.

4. Text office manager, letting her know I can work Fridays starting in March.

5. Be flexible every other Friday. Either work in Richmond or at my home office.

6. Relax. Four to Five more months of working 3 jobs. Take it one day at a time.

7. Put off the grand opening of my website till at least the summer.


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